The Academy 

(Available at the following campuses:  Gwinnett, GA; Johns Creek, GA; Greenville, SC; and Littleton, CO.

Artios Academy of Arts and History is a K–12th grade program with integrated exposure, by time period, to music, theatre, art, and history.

Why the Arts and History?

We believe that Truth is displayed throughout history in the form of art, events, people, leaders, and leading ideas. It is imperative to contextualize and consume these details, not as stratified subject matter, but as God intended — seeing every historical milestone, personality, and ideology as part of the greater story God is telling. An ARTIOS education equips students to compare and contrast all ideas and art forms as either Truth or something that stands opposed to Truth. This knowledge frees students to reason, relate, discern, discuss, and express the Truth of Scripture and, in the process, realize that it is shaping their character, building their confidence, and sharpening their conscience.

Our Core Classes

The Artios Academy of Arts and History teaches four core courses (history, drama, art, and music) within its weekly class days. All four courses are integrated with each other by historical time-period. “We teach these subjects in their entirety, which allows students not only to have knowledge of facts but also to have knowledge of the principles and purpose of the subject.” All four subjects are taught in a hands-on, creative, and integrative way, all while being taught from a Biblical worldview.

Academy Plus Classes & Clubs

Academy Plus is a collection of various arts related classes that are offered both before and after the main Academy of Arts and History program. These classes are designed to enhance your child’s Artios Academy regular rotation class experience. Classes and Clubs are offered in drama, music, art, and dance.