The Concept

Artios is known as the most creative and integrative approach to educating the whole-hearted child. For over 30 years, the leadership of Artios has been partnering with parents to guide every student to his or her fullest potential in Christ.  From the youngest ages and through high school, we emphasize the development of a Biblical worldview especially as it relates to cultural literacy in the arts and encourage awareness of how the arts have impacted society.


Because Truth manifests itself throughout history in the form of art, events, people, leaders, and leading ideas, it is imperative to contextualize and consume these details, not as stratified subject matter, but as God intended. – seeing every historical milestone, personality, and ideology, as part of the greater story of God.

An Artios education equips students to compare and contrast all ideas and art forms as Truth, or something that stands opposed to Truth.

This knowledge free’s students to reason, relate, discern, discuss, and express the Truth of scripture and in the process, realize it is…

shaping their character,
building their confidence, and
sharpening their conscience.

In that moment, true learning and true heart transformation takes place and it is inspiring and beautiful.

Artios is art. Artios is heart. Artios is smart!