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Starting With the End in Mind.

It isn’t enough to ask “What is everyone else doing” or “how much
will it cost?”
when the real question is “What does fully prepared look like for my child?” 

The ARTS play an important
role in shaping a child’s worldview.
Across the ages, art is a Canvas God
uses to vividly contextualize Truth
and illuminate the heart of man.


Man’s HEART is God’s primary
Concern. The Bible suggest a “man
thinks with his heart…” so that’s where
we believe smart starts. Whole-hearted
education is a high calling indeed.


Artios is more than just an arts school. It’s a
SMART school that equips students
to reason, relate, discern, discuss,
and express the wisdom to critically
think and participate in the world.


The End in Mind Podcast with Executive Director, Lori Lane

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